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Atomic and molecule Theoretical Physics
Theoretical Physics

1- Cosmic ray
2- Scattering theory
3- (Radiation(SSNTDs)
4- (Solid states(optical properties)

1- preparation and Interband transitions of chemically deposited Fe2O3 coatings in a fundamental absorption region (phys. Stat.sol.(a)108,k151(1988))
2- Solid state nuclear track detectors for a symmetry factor measurements.(Isotopenpraxis , 25(1989)2,pp.77-78)
3- Measurement of absolute integral intensity of vertical cosmic ray muonin the range ( 0.4-1) GeV/ c at Basrah (30.5 0 N).(Proc. 5th Sci.Conf.SRC (Baghdad,Iraq) 7,8(1989).
4- Investigation of the ratio of soft to hard components of C/R as a functionof zenith angle at Basrah. (J. of Al- Mustansiria Sc.,4,no.1(1991) Iraq )
5- The effect of alpha particles and neutrons on track diameter of the LR-115 type –2 detector ( J.Math.phys.,14,no.1(1993) Iraq)
6- Comparison of LR-115 type-1 and CN-85 as solid state Nuclear track detectors for neutron exposure. ( J. Basrah Reseaches,vol.13,part .1,40 (1997))
7- Measurement of the exponential of the angular variation of muonC/R intensity at latitude(30.5oN) at Basrah. ( Basrah J. Sc.,B,16,no.2, 33-38(1998) Iraq)
8- Electron scattering from oxygen-atom at low and Intermediate energies. ( Basrah J.Sc.,A,Vol.16,no.1,41-46 (1998)Iraq)
9- Elastic scattering of electrons fromNe,Ar,Kr and Xe-atoms at low energies. ( Basrah J. Sc.,A,16,no.2, 25-32 (1998) Iraq)
10- Elastic scattering of electrons from earth alkaline atoms at low energies ( Basrah J. Sc.,A,17,no.1, 21-28 (1999) Iraq)
11- Critical points of scattering electrons by light atoms at low energies.J.Basrah Researches , uot.33, no.2,7-21(2007)
12- Critical points of scattering positrons from neon,krypton and xenon atoms at low energy regions by using dipole polarisation potential.
13- Differential cross-sections and critical points for elastic scattering ofelectrons by krypton atoms in the range ( 2-110) eV by using an optical potential model. (Basrah Journal of Science (A) ,25,Vo.1, 1-16, 2007 (Iraq
14- Elastic scattering of positrons by rare gases atoms at low and intermediate energies by using multiples polarisability potential, J .Basra h Researches , Vo 1.33,part.1,63-78(2007)).
15- Spin polarization for electrons scattering from cadmium and mercury atoms ,Journal of Basrah Researches ((Sciences))Volume 38.Number 1.A((2012)).
16- photoionization ,Electron-Ion Recombination Rates of N +1 and Al +3 ions using Relativistic Dirac R-matrix Method , J . Basrah Researches , Vo l-(41) no.(1) A(2015).
17- photoionization ,Electron-Ion Recombination and Radiative Processes of He and Ne Rare Gas Atoms using Relativistic Dirac R-matrix Method , Journal of Basrah Researches , j. Basrah Researches , Vo l-(41) no.(1) A(2015).
18- Elastic Scattering of electrons by atomic Helium (J.Basrah researches , uol.33 , part ,23-32(2007).
19- Calculation of Radon (Rn-222) concentration inside basrah house by using solid state nuclear tracks detector – (CR-3q ).(To be bublished )

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